Welcome to Year Two

Hello, I'm Miss Pestell the Year 2 teacher. Welcome to our class page!


Term 4


Year 2 have had a great start to the term and we are really enjoying our Enquiry learning.  We have been learning all about different transport in History and have even made our very own Viking Longships!  You can see them below in the photo. 


In Literacy we continue to work hard on being great authors and making our stories exciting for the person reading it. We have some lovely books to look at this term but I won't spoil the surprise by telling you about them! 


In Maths we have a big unit of work all about fractions and we will continue to use the RICE approach when we solve all kinds of different problems. This means we will Read the problem and pull out important information, Illustrate it with a picture or perhaps a bar model so we can really understand it, Calculate the answer using whichever strategy is needed and finally Explain our answer so we don't forget the units!