Literacy at Fonthill:

There are many elements to the teaching and learning of English: Reading, writing, drama, speaking and listening. At Fonthill, teaching is linked to topics led by high quality texts to give children content and a purpose for their writing. This generates interest, excitement and enthusiasm for writing, which we love to exploit. Ask your child to share what they have been writing about – we love an audience! English is taught here using the different strategies covered below:



At Fonthill, all Early Years and Year 1 children have a daily phonics lessons following the ''Letters and Sounds' progression. Children in Year 2 and KS2 have continued phonic teaching integrated with their weekly spellings, following the No Nonsense Spelling programme.  


Talk For Writing

‘If you can say it, you can write it.’ Talking is just as important as writing. At Fonthill, children are given opportunities to orally rehearse and plan what they are writing before putting it down on paper. Through Talk for Writing, we address grammar, vocabulary and formats of writing, for example paragraphs. Why not come along to one of our performance assemblies, usually held on a Friday morning and have a look for yourself! We will text you when your child is performing.


Power of Reading

This has transformed the attitudes to reading and writing of children at Fonthill. Our curriculum focuses on a high quality texts lasting for a whole term. We hold a ‘Wow’ activity at the start of each new term and we expect every child to be present and prompt for this first day event.



Although grammar is taught discretely at least once a week across the school, we now integrate it as part of every lesson as well. We are keen to share enthusiasm with the children and are constantly creating new, exciting ways to learn the rules of the English language. This includes Kung Fu punctuation (acting out punctuation marks), and 21st century learning with the IPads and grammar games.


Cross-Curricular Writing

Because writing is so important to us at Fonthill (after all, we use it almost every day), we don’t just write in Literacy lessons….oh no! We encourage children to write as much as they can in every lesson. Children are able to write about a range of topics from the Ancient Egyptians to the first man on the moon!


Please see the attached document to show our values in writing at Fonthill Primary School.


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