There are many elements to the teaching and learning of English: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. At Fonthill, teaching is led by high quality texts to give children content and a purpose for their writing. This generates interest, excitement and enthusiasm for writing. English is taught here using the different strategies covered below:



We generate a love of Reading at Fonthill through our engagement with high quality texts and commitment to helping children discover a passion for reading. All Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 children have a daily phonics lessons following the ''Letters and Sounds' progression. KS2 have weekly spellings following set patterns. The skills of reading are taught discretely by the teacher and children also have the opportunity to read 1:1 with an adult. We encourage and reward reading at home and when children reach Diamond (200 times in one year!), they even get to choose a book and keep it.



We want to teach our children to be great writers. That means teaching them grammar, punctuation and spelling but also an awareness of audience and love of language. We use External Writes (writing that goes to a real-life audience) and our Enquiry questions to increase children’s engagement with the writing process.


Speaking and listening:

We provide lots of opportunities for children to develop their speaking and listening skills. We want our children to be confident and clear speakers and receptive and respectful listeners. We plan our curriculum so that children have to speak to a partner, a group, their class and even the whole school. We believe developing these skills will be very beneficial for them in the future.