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PE at Fonthill

Children at Fonthill are supported in leading healthy and active lives. They become confident sports men and women who understand the importance of physical activity in their daily lives. They are motivated to succeed  and to understand the importance of developing sportsmanship attitudes with emphasis on sharing, fairness, respect and working well as a team.


In line with the Fonthill READS curriculum, PE is taught through:

Remember— Children develop key skills in a range of sports and activities. They learn to remember the rules of games, and how to perform certain skills using sporting equipment.

Explain— Whilst learning these sporting skills and abilities, the children learn why they might use a certain skill e.g. why an over-arm throw might be more appropriate, or why they might block a player in a netball game.

Apply—Children will have the ability to apply the skills they have learned throughout the year. This could be in competitions (within school, across the trust or locally), at after school clubs or in clubs children participate in outside of school.

Develop— Throughout the year, children develop positive attitudes towards PE, confidently participate in PE lessons and understand the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The skills that the learn in the Early Years are developed each year, so that by the end of Key Stage 2, they have established skills in a range of sports and activities.

Share— Over time, children will have developed a positive attitude towards physical activity and will have the confidence to showcase their activity to others. E.g. dance showcase in year 6. They are invited and encouraged to share and celebrate achievements outside of school, as well.


This Year in PE

This year in PE, our class teachers and Sports Plus Coaches will be working with our children on improving their skills in Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Cricket, Basketball, Dance & Athletics. 

The children also take part in dance and movement sessions, Yoga and running the daily mile.

In our Gymnastic and Parkour topic, children have been learning lots of new gymnastic skills & parkour tricks to put into sequences using our apparatus, as you can see in the photos below.


We are pleased that our Year 3 and 4 pupils attend swimming lessons in Terms 5 and 6.

In the summer of 2019 we organised catch-up swimming lessons for the Year 6 children who are not yet able to swim 25m. As many children had not been swimming before they began school lessons, we are proud of the Year 6 children who did achieve this (65% of our class). 

In the summer of 2021 we organised catch-up swimming lessons for the Year 6 children who had missed swimming over the last couple of years. 35% of the Year 6 children can now swim 25m unaided.