Fonthill Primary Academy

  1. Curriculum
  2. Computing


We believe Computing is a vital skill for children to learn to be successful in the 21st Century. Children are taught using a range of technology, including both laptops and iPads. Children are encouraged to be creators as well as consumers of content.

We put a high emphasis on e-safety and teach children the crucial skills of staying safe online.

REMEMBER-children's learning in Computing is structured so that the children revisit key concepts. This is ensured by us delivering a spiral curriculum through Kapow.

EXPLAIN-children will spend lots of time in Computing using laptops or iPads but we still place a high emphasis on speaking and listening. We check children's iuderstanding by ensuring they can explain their learning.

APPLY-lessons in Computing are structured so that children apply their learning across the unit of learning. 

DEVELOP-where appropriate, children develop their skills to produce a final outcome. This is their opportunity to display all the skills and knowledge they have developed across the unit.

SHARE-children all have their own folder to save work and return to it. The school participates in events such as Safer Internet Day so that children have a broad experience in Computing.


More information about our Computing curriculum can be found here