Fonthill Primary Academy

  1. Curriculum
  2. Writing

Children at Fonthill have the opportunity to become independent, confident and capable writers. They become successful writers who take pride and care in work they produce. Using interesting and engaging resources, they are motivated to embrace and enjoy the challenging process of learning to write.

Writing is taught through:

Remember - Letter formation is taught so that children can communicate their ideas through writing. They become fluent by progressing their handwriting into joined legible writing. Spelling is taught discretely so that children have a clear understanding of sound patterns and how to use them. Punctuation and grammar are taught in small repetitive chunks through our writing lessons to support the children’s learning. The goal is for the children’s grammar and punctuation skills to become fluent by being able to confidently use these skills when writing for a range of purposes.

Explain - Children explain their understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar, and are able to discuss when and why we use them in different types of writing.

Apply - Once children understand how writing changes for different purposes and how grammar and punctuation can affect a piece of writing, they can apply this to their own writing.  At Fonthill, we want children to be confident and use a range of skills to engage the reader.

Develop - Over time, children develop all aims of the National Curriculum so that they are confident writers who enjoy writing and are successful. As the children progress through the school children are taught how to edit their work and make improvements, working as writers would to produce the best possible outcome.

Share - Our aim is that each year children share their work externally through: competitions, local exhibitions, writing to an author or company etc.  The children also publish their work in Best Write books, this allows them to chance to understand how layout and graphics can enhance their writing further.