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We value the wide range of languages spoken by our children and celebrate this in informal ways, such as doing the register in their home languages and teaching their classmates how to say hello. 

In Spanish lessons, we teach children to enjoy learning a new language, both oral and written, and to gain important life skills; communicating with others through good speaking and listening. We know that speaking another language opens up many opportunities in our children's futures.


In line with the Fonthill's READS curriculum, Spanish is taught through 

Remember: key vocabulary and phrases are taught through a variety of interactive games, songs and activities.

Explain basic grammar concepts such as person, noun or tense agreements and why these are important.

Apply all of their vocabulary and grammar knowledge to speak and write simple sentences in Spanish so they can communicate together. They can talk to their friends about their favourite foods, colours, hobbies, animals, as well as about themselves and their families. 

Develop a love of language learning. 

Share their language skills in assemblies with parents and within their Spanish learning books.


Below you can see some of the children with their own Spanish books, and examples of their written work.