Fonthill Primary Academy

  1. Curriculum


All TILA schools intend our curriculum to inspire and motivate us as a learning community. 

Events and information are placed in time exploring how technology and human endeavour are the driving force of change and therefore we are the architects of our own future.

Our curriculum intends to ensure our pupils to become:

Confident and self-aware:  Children will be able to join in, contribute to lessons, activities and the wider community.  They will be self-aware, understanding their impact on others and the impact of events and people on the world.

The Fonthill 101 supports children in being local and global citizens. They think about the contribution they can make and the impact they have.

Intrinsically motivated:  Children will develop a deep motivation for learning and a desire to find out more about what they are learning themselves.  They will be driven by an enjoyment of learning and a curiosity to find out more.

Fonthill READS provides a structure to help children develop, apply and share their learning. This is motivational and drives children to learn more.

Successful:  Children will have a sense of pride in their achievements and be able to recognise where they have made progress and set themselves ambitious goals for the future.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is sequenced so that new learning builds on prior learning.  There are regular opportunities to revisit key ideas so that learning is strengthened.  In KS1 children develop strong foundations, securing the basic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in KS2.  In lower KS2 they build upon these and deepen their understanding so that by Upper KS2 they are able to draw subject specific learning together to look at wider concepts such as trade, fairness and leadership.

Subjects are taught discretely.  However, we recognise that concepts rarely fit neatly into one subject and so our teachers do make meaningful inter-disciplinary links when it will support learning.

Our teachers are passionate educators who ensure that they have the appropriate subject knowledge in order to deliver content well.  This is complemented by CPD for all staff on our curriculum.  

Curriculum Impact

We plan by being outcome focussed across the curriculum - what should the age related expected look like? This is the same regardless of what subject the children are working in e.g. Science, history, maths, English, geography, etc.

Children are tested regularly following units of work in reading, writing and maths to ensure that concepts have been understood and have been retained in children’s long-term memory. These tests are compared against children nationally or are age standardised – this means that we can be confident that what we think is an age related outcome actually is!

In areas of learning where the children are asked to produce a more creative/ artistic outcome children are taught and encouraged how to draft/ edit/ improve so that the final product exemplifies the best they can produce.

At Fonthill we celebrate when children have gone above and beyond. We provide a variety of contexts to share and celebrate what they have achieved. We encourage children to reflect on their learning and set ambitious goals for themselves.

For more details on the curriculum contact the class teacher via ClassDojo or email the office ( who will pass your query on. 

Our curriculum is continually being developed and updated, you can find more information about what is being taught here.