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Trust in Learning are committed to promoting responsible, resilient and reflective learners. We understand the importance of positive behaviour and social interactions between pupils and adults, both in and out of the classroom and school environment, enabling children to make a positive contribution and play an active role within school and the wider community.

We view positive relationships as being key to creating an environment to support children being successful. We invest time in getting to know our children and families and to support children to have positive relationships with each other. We also build relationships with parents and carers as we know we are all more likely to be successful when working as a team.

At Fonthill Primary Academy we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment where pupils develop the essential skills needed to achieve high standards of positive behaviour. This is at the heart of ensuring pupils make the best possible progress, both academically and socially and emotionally.

We want our pupils to be ready for their learning, to display and expect respectful attitudes and kindness towards others and to feel safe. These are our 3 school rules which underpin everything we do.

Be ready – Having the right equipment and right attitude for a day at Fonthill gets pupils ready for a successful day. We teach these skills and this independence as the children progress through their years in Fonthill.

Show respect – We expect all members of our school community to listen and show empathy and compassion towards each other, to respond sensitively to opinions and celebrate our differences. Being a part of our school community means showing kindness towards others, giving compliments, being considerate, helping, supporting and encouraging each other, celebrating our own and others achievements. It also means respecting our physical school environment, local community and ultimately, our world.

Stay Safe – Knowing how to be safe, both physically and online is a fundamental part of securing the best possible outcomes for all.  This includes adhering to school routines and expectations, building and maintaining appropriate and healthy relationships with others.

For more details about our approach to supporting positive behaviour, read the handbook below.




To help our children be the best learners they can be, we encourage them to be on FIRE. The children designed characters to best describe FIRE, we have FOCUSSED FELIX, INDEPENDENT FIRE DRAGON, RESILIENT RAPTOR and ENTHUSIASTIC ELEPHANT

F Focussed

I Independent

R Resilient

E Enthusiastic