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At Fonthill Primary Academy, we want children to have a deep and rich understanding of the history of Britain and the wider world. We want them to be interested in the past, to ask interesting questions and to use evidence to make links between different eras of history. We want them to have a strong chronological understanding of history and to know that change occurs over time largely driven by the endeavour of humans.

Our main driving goal is to equip them with the key skills of historians, so that throughout their life they may continue to deepen their understanding of history and more fully grasp their place within it.

We teach History through the TILA. This is set out in a two-year cycle, which sequences learning in a logical way that allows students to develop their knowledge and skills in small steps, coming back to refresh and deepen learning across a year and then again multiple times as they progress through school.

History is taught discreetly, but links are made between this and other subjects where they naturally occur. We aim to teach History through the lens of our Golden Threads of Time, Technology and Human Endeavour. This gives the children a structure on which to build their learning and allows them to make strong links between subjects.

Each lesson is planned with a clear structure, which follows the pattern:

§ Review: To start the lesson, we look back at what we have previously learned, giving opportunities to develop speaking, and listening skills. We will then explain to the children what our learning intention is for that lesson, so that learning is clear.

§ Direct Instruction: At this point, the teacher will give direct instruction. This will enable the children to develop their knowledge and will also develop their subject specific skills.

§ Guided Practise: Once the teacher has modelled learning, children are given chance to practise what they have learned. This is through short tasks and longer, more developed outcomes.

§ Review: The lesson closes with a review of learning from this lesson. Here we aim to develop higher order skills and to check what the children have learned so that we can adapt our teaching to ensure that learning is secure.

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