Fonthill Primary Academy

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  2. Maths


Children at Fonthill are inspired to question, challenge and interpret the mathematical world around them. They become confident mathematicians who understand the importance of Maths in their daily lives. They are motivated to succeed see themselves as successful mathematicians who take pride in their achievements.


In line with the Fonthill READS curriculum, Maths is taught through:

Remember— Fluency of number is taught so that children can calculate confidently, both mentally and with written methods. They become fluent by using a range of resources (including Numicon, dienes, number lines and place value counters) and representing their ideas with the bar model.

Explain—Children explain their understanding in a range of questions designed to develop mathematical reasoning and the use of high-quality mathematical talk and vocabulary.

Apply—Once children are fluent and have good reasoning skills, they can apply their understanding in a range of problem solving activities and questions. At Fonthill, we ensure that children see the importance of being able to solve problems and understands how important it is for their own lives.

Develop— Over time, children develop all 3 aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) so that they are confident mathematicians who enjoy Maths and are successful. The White Rose curriculum is a key resource which supports our planning, teaching and assessment.

Share—By year 6, children attend Maths sessions at Bristol UWE and take part in local competitions. Successes in Maths are shared with parents in weekly celebration assemblies, and termly certificates for progress in fluency and within our Fonthill 101.