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Anti-bullying and kindness at Fonthill

At Fonthill we pride ourselves on our anti-bullying culture, our zero tolerance of bullying behaviours, and on the kindness you will see as you walk around our school.  We believe that being kind is one of life's most important values, and it is promoted, encouraged and celebrated in our school. 

Below is an example of a poster displayed in our school, made by one of our school council members. 

Every year we take part in #Hello Yellow day, which is organised by Young Minds on World Mental Health Day to raise awareness and money. The children all take part in lots of activities where they discuss positive mental health strategies and how to help others who might need some support. Please click on the images below to see a couple of examples of their work below:

Our wonderful PTA funded a Unique Voice visit recently, where the Bristol-based drama group worked with every class in the school about anti-bullying. The children gained so much from the engaging assemblies, and the small class workshops. You can read more about it here, in the PTA newsletter about it: