Rights Respecting council

The Rights Respecting Council plays a very important part in our school.  Each KS2 class has two elected representatives.  Who meet every week on a Thursday lunchtime to discuss various issues around the school. The Rights Respecting Council work hard to improve clubs, playtimes and lunchtimes; for example, we meet with lunchtime staff to discuss how we can make lunchtimes even better. We represent the views of the children to the wider school community; for example, we regularly conduct class and child surveys and also meet with governors. We play a key part in fund raising; for example raising money for the Southmead Hospital by organising Hero for a Day.


Rights Respecting School Charter 




To be heard 


To be safe 


To be healthy 


To a good education


To be treated kindly

To listen to adults, each other and classmates


To help make the school a safer place


To help make the school a healthier place


To help children learn


To treat others kindly, fairly and with respect


Our elected representatives this year are:

Y3: Riley-John & Nikola

Y4: Abdullah & Kelisa

Y5: Crystal & Renico-Shakai

Y6: Khianna & Sakareya