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School Council 

Our school councillors are elected three times a year. This means that 6 children get to represent their class over the course of the year. One person is elected from the class vote and one person is elected by teacher choice. All children have to present to their class why they should be chosen and the final vote is cast in an election.

This year 2022 - 2023 the school council have been very busy! They have: 

  • Organised and analysed a whole school anti-bullying and well-being questionnaire. 
  • Completed an e-safety newsletter about Safer Internet day.
  • Produced posters and shared a new book with each class about what to do if they are worried.
  • Produced an anti-bullying child friendly poster for our Say No to Bullying policy.
  • Helped to organise KS1 playground buddies to support with play at lunchtime.
  • Organised a FIRE display in the school hall with work and photos.
  • Presented their work in a whole school assembly with parents invited. 

This has been the impact of their work (as seen in the well-being questionnaire) 

  • 12% of children say that they are called unkind names by others. (It was 27%)
  • 21% of children worry a lot or always. (It was 26%)
  • 26% of children felt that they never or only a little bit belonged in school. (It was 38%)

The school council made this powerpoint for their whole school assembly. They took charge and presented the whole thing - we are really proud of them and they spoke so well in front of lots of people. Please find a link to their assembly here: school council assembly.

In 2019 we welcomed Bristol mayor Marvin Rees to present the certificates. It's a shame to take these photos down! Please let us know if you know anyone who could come and present certificates to our councillors in the future. Thank you!