Welcome to Year five

Welcome to Year Five’s Web Page.

We are a class of 30 children aged 9 - 10. Our teacher is called Miss Bayliss and and she is a new teacher to Fonthill School.


Term 4:


This term in Literacy we started by looking at the Victorians and some of their crazy inventions. Using this knowledge we wrote an explanation text explaining how the inventions worked and if we thought that they would have worked or not. The class loved looking at these crazy invention and learning a bit about Queen Victoria in the process. We are now moving on the look at a classic text and seeing how it compares or may have inspired modern texts. We are going to be studying Romeo and Juliet to this. From this we will also be writing a diary entry and a review based on this text.


This term we are going to be looking at a range of different topics. We have started by learning all about decimals and their uses. Next we will be moving on to how we convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. I will also be solving problems involving them. After that we will be moving onto geometry and shapes, starting with area and perimeter. We will be looking at simple shapes to start off with moving on to more complex shapes such as compound shapes. We will end the term by recapping all that we have learnt so far in year 5 and answering word problems for each of the areas.


In enquiry this term we are answering the question ‘How have monarchs helped to shape Britain?’ We started this topic by looking at our current Queen and what she has done to help our country progress. As a class we had some questions that we couldn’t find answers to, therefore we have written a letter to the Queen to get some clarity. We are now working our way forwards from William the Conqueror though key King and Queens of Britain. We are not only looking at how they have shaped Britain today, but also how they changed Britain and other counties in the past. We are doing this by looking at wide range of sources including, historical book, research and song.

The whole school is focussing on learning how to learn. To be a good learner, you need to be on fire. For Year 5 developing our learning independence is important.

F – Focussed: If we are being focussed, we will stay on task when we are doing work, not being distracted by anything. It also means that we are single minded and passionate to learn new things.

I – Independent: We can work on our own, using our initiative to decide what to do and when. Also, we will aim to extend our learning at home, by reading and consolidating our in-school learning by finding out new things on our own.

R – Resilient: What we do when we make mistakes is the key to our learning. Resilience means that we see an error as a chance to grow and to learn. It means that we keep going, even when work is challenging or takes us outside of our comfort zone.

E – Enthusiastic: Passion is important in learning. It helps to drive you on and to make sure that learning is embedded into whole lives.