Welcome to Year Three

Hello, I'm Mr Edwards the Year 3 teacher. Welcome to our class page!

We have had a fantastic start to year 3. The children are already learning the skills to become more independent and resilient in key stage 2. It has been wonderful to see their development so far.

Term 1

In Maths this term, we have been looking at place value. We have been recognising the value of digits in any number up to 1000 and we are tackling addition and subtraction questions.

In Literacy, we have become familiar with a wide range of fairy tales, leading on to the children recreating narratives based around the book 'The Lost Happy Endings'. We are also looking at biographies of Mary Anning, which ties into our enquiry studies.

In Enquiry, our exciting lessons have been based around the focal question: Can We Discover a Dinosaur? This has lead to many interesting and fun discussions and activities, with our end goal of creating a dinosaur museum.

Term 2

In Maths this term, we have been looking at multiplication and division. We are making sure we know our times tables and we are learning to answer a range of problems and use our reasoning skills.

In Literacy, we have are learning about different genres and styles of writing. We have been writing our own newspaper reports and will be learning about poetry as well. We are concentrating on improving our handwriting and learning our spellings as well.

In Enquiry, our learning has been based around the focal question: What are the differences between Bristol and Barcelona? So we are learning lots about our own city and also about Barcelona.

We will also be going on a trip to St Stephen’s Church (in Southmead, not Barcelona!) for Christmas Through the Keyhole.

Term 3

In Maths this term, we have continued looking at multiplication and division using formal methods of column multiplication alongside the grid method. We will also be covering measurement in the form of length, perimeter and money as well as statistics.

In Literacy, we have been recreating adventure stories using exciting language to entice the reader. We will also be writing non-fiction explanation texts using step-by-step instructions and diagrams as well as covering poetry, building vocabulary and using similes.

In Enquiry, our learning will be based around the focal question: Which forces are involved in transport? We will be learning about the forces in action all around us while carrying out our own practical investigations and experiments involving gravity, magnetism, friction and light.