Welcome to Reception

Hello, I'm Miss Parker the Reception class teacher. Welcome to our class page!

Myself, Miss Williams and Miss Coles work in our classroom, alongside many volunteers and student teachers. 

Please take a look at our class page for updates and learning across the term. 



Term 1

The children have settled into school life fantastically in Reception! They have spent time exploring their new classroom and outside area, as well as enjoying lunchtimes at school. 

Here are some pictures of the children learning through playing and exploring in our garden.

We have been discussing families and homes this term as we are getting to know one another. Here are some children drawing their homes in chalk outside, even remembering what number door they live at!

Children have enjoyed mark making on the large rolls of paper on the floor. The continued Miss Parker's road, adding their houses, families and even pets as they drew. 

Term 2

We have enjoyed our enquiry topic 'Where do we live/Our School'. We have enjoyed drawing maps and plotting where we went on our local walk around Southmead. 


Here are pictures from our trip around our local community. 

We learnt how to cross a road safely using a zebra crossing, remembering to look both ways!

We were careful to remember to tick off the places that we visited!

The children drew on routes, roads, and crossings between the photos of the places that we visited.

We drew our own maps, adding places that we visit with our families. The children drew ASDA, with a 'closed' sign on the front door.


We have been enjoyed continuing our mathematical reasoning through playing and exploring. Here are the children playing 'strike it out', they rolled a dice and took their opponents piece of Numicon. The winner is the person to take all of their Numicon line away. The children used fantastic reasoning and problem solving skills to decide which dice they needed to use to strike out their opponents remaining Numicon pieces. 

|We went on a number hunt in our garden, and we put our numbers in order. The children tried hard to match the Numicon with the numerals.