Welcome to Reception

Hello, I'm Miss Parker the Reception class teacher. Welcome to our class page!

Myself, Mrs Takor and Miss Williams work in our classroom.

Please take a look at our class page for updates and learning across the term. 


Term 1

This term we will be helping the children settle into life at school. We will be using our indoor and outdoor space and helping the children feel confident and settled in their surroundings.

We will be looking at a range of story books and you can help your child by reading at home with them. We will be introducing some phonics to support them with their decoding skills.

They will be developing their understanding of number and there will be lots of practical activities to support their number recognition and counting.


Term 2

This term we are learning new key words and phonics sounds to help us read and write simple sentences. We are also learning to retell a traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs and write sentences about the big bad wolf!

In Maths, we are learning to count, subitise and partition numbers to 5. We are also learning to find one more and one less within numbers to 5. Reception will also be naming and describing properties of shapes with 4 sides.

Our enquiry topic this term is "Celebrations!". We have learnt all about Diwali and made our own Diya lamps with clay. Reception have also enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day by making poppies and talking about their significance, and Bonfire Night by watching the Big Ben fireworks.

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas and learning about the nativity, as well as talking about and sharing our family Christmas traditions with one another.