Hello, I'm Miss Wills the Year 1 teacher. Welcome to our class page!

Term 4

In literacy, we are reading the story 'The Bear and the Piano' by David Litchfield. During our literacy lessons, we have had a think about some of the things we are good at, just like the bear in the story who is good at playing the piano. We also watched a video of a back scratching bear from the BBC's Planet Earth documentary and the children had to think of some verbs to describe the bear's actions. Some children completed the challenge of using alliteration in their writing! We are continuing to ensure our sentences are correctly punctuated and we are working really hard to ensure we are using our phonics to help us spell some words.


In maths, we started to the term by looking at fractions, a half and a quarter. The children have been really engaged and they have had a go at finding a half and quarter by practically folding shapes, shading shapes, putting cubes into different groups and looking at numbers to half and quarter. We will also be learning about money. Children will begin to recognise coins and notes, count in coins and be able to solve problems relating to money. We are pushing the children to improve their problem solving and reasoning skills. We need to be able to show how we got to an answer and explain too. 


In enquiry, our question this term is: how have toys changed over time? We have already completed some exciting learning as children have completed a show and tell where they compared the similarities and differences between each others toys. We had a look at the toys from the past including, a Gameboy, iron toy soldiers and many others. The children had a go at creating their own spin toy. They found this difficult but used their perseverance skills very well! Some more exciting opportunities will be happening too. 


This term Y1 have PE on Mondays where we will be completing different circuits and Forest School will be on a Wednesday. Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled. 


Please look at some of our amazing homework last term when we were learning about Bristol!

Here are this term's homework challenges: