Fonthill Primary Academy

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  2. Art

Art at Fonthill is taught to engage and inspire children’s, giving them the skills and knowledge to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. The children build on their skills, which progress throughout their time at Fonthill in order to become confident artists to understand, appreciate and talk about art.  Children are motivated by the skills learnt from artists, and create their own successful pieces of art that they take pride in.  

In line with the Fonthill READS curriculum, Art is taught through 

Remember- Children develop a range of artistic skills and processes. They learn to remember the application of skills and which equipment is appropriate for their designs. Children remember which artists have applied various skills and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms. 

Explain- Children have the ability to explain why they have used a certain skills or process within their artwork or models. For example, a child will explain that they have shaded with charcoal to create a shadow, and used tissue paper for a 3D texture.  

Apply- Children apply the skills that they have learnt to practice and develop their skills and techniques to improve their control and their use of materials. The children apply skills, for example shading in their sketchbooks, to get a secure understanding and technique of the method.  

Develop- Children use their skills to create pieces of work that they are proud of. The children’s skills are developed across the year, alongside the children’s confidence in their techniques. The children’s artwork develops across the school to produce high quality and inspiring pieces of work.  

Share- The artwork created at Fonthill is celebrated and shared with each other across the school and with our local community. For example, we have sent our artwork with our local hospital, taken part in nationwide competitions and shared our artwork on class dojo for parents to see and enjoy. One of the experiences in the Fonthill 101 is about having artwork on display.