Children's Centre


Badocks Wood Children’s Centre 

A Children’s Centre provides a range of high quality integrated early years and childcare services to local families. At Badocks Wood Children’s Centre the services provided are available all year round for a minimum of 48 weeks a year to all families in the Southmead area regardless of which primary school they wish their children to attend. 

It is our aim that through the Children’s Centre we provide multi-agency services that are flexible and meet the needs of young children and their families in the local area. In doing so we aim to: 

* Improve education for children and parents

* Enable parents to study for work

* Help lone parents to access work and training opportunities

* Support families to feel safe in their community

* Improve health outcomes

* Reduce child poverty 

At Badock’s Wood Children’s Centre we also offer family support, home visiting and community education opportunities- as well as a warm welcoming place to be