Welcome to Year Six


I am Miss Dyer, the Year 6 teacher. Welcome!

We are lucky enough to be supported in Year 6 by Miss Opoku.


This is the last and very important year of Primary School, it will also be the year that flies by! This year is all about your child becoming independent, ready for their transition to secondary school. It is vital, particularly in this final year, for your child to be a HERO:




On time


This year, the whole school is focussing on learning how to learn. 

To be a good learner, you need to be on fire:

F – Focussed:

If we are being focussed, we will stay on task when we are doing work, not being distracted by anything. It also means that we are single minded and passionate to learn new things.

I – Independent:

We can work on our own, using our initiative to decide what to do and when. Also, we will aim to extend our learning at home, by reading and consolidating our in-school learning by finding out new things on our own.

R – Resilient:

What we do when we make mistakes is the key to our learning. Resilience means that we see an error as a chance to grow and to learn. It means that we keep going, even when work is challenging or takes us outside of our comfort zone.

E – Enthusiastic:

Passion is important in learning. It helps to drive you on and to make sure that learning is embedded into whole lives.


For home learning please can you use the following websites:

Maths - www.sumdog.com

Spelling - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to me!


Miss Dyer