Welcome to Reception

Hello! I am Mrs Pringle, the reception class teacher. (You may have known me previously as Miss Carpenter!) 

Mrs Turner and I teach the reception in the mornings and we are joined by Mrs Thompson, Miss Jones and Miss Phillips in the afternoons across the week. On Tuesdays I teach at UWE and so we are lucky that I can have lots of lovely and enthusiastic student teachers working with us at school, too. 

Term 1

In Term 1, the children were all settling into their class and getting used to the routines of the day.  More importantly, they were getting to know each other and make new friendships, many of which will continue through their school lives at Fonthill (and maybe further!)

 The September sunshine kept us enjoying the outside space and the children enjoyed taking part in lots of challenges. One of them was to rescue our class puppet, Word Bird, from the tree that he was stuck in. Lots of children worked together and applied lots of the skills learnt at Forest School to save him.

They also loved our super hero day for Southmead Children's Hospital and some fantastic costumes were worn! The children loved the super hero PE session where they had to complete the obstacle course to save each other.  

The children were also busy learning how to write their names using cursive letters. They enjoyed taking 'selfies' of their new friends, using our school ipads and also learnt all about Numicon - Mrs Pringle's favourite Maths resource. They learnt the numbers that each of the pieces represents, and then how to read and write them.

Term 2

With Autumn upon us, Forest School sessions involved lots of fun walks through the fallen leaves and lots of crafts with them. The children also explored what pumpkin seeds looked like, and some of them drew cheeky faces on our class pumpkin!

Our fireworks day celebrations involved lots of painting and re-creating the fireworks we had seen before (Mason used playdough and sparkly pipe cleaners) and even a chance to use a sparkler. The children showed how sensible they could be and tried to write their names in the air. Some children also built a giant houses of parliament in the classroom using our building blocks.

The children have been learning how to join sounds together to make words and also to apply this to their reading when they see unfamiliar words.

Term 3

The topic from term 3 was 'people who help' us and we were fortunate enough to have the local fire brigade and our PCSO come to speak to us about their jobs. Unfortunately the fire brigade were called away on a real 999 call so we are looking forward to welcoming them back again soon.

Our book for this term was Cinderella and we learnt all about how the fairy godmother helped Cinderella to go to the Prince's ball. The children learnt the story and retold it in our small world castle and also our role play house area. They were very creative in putting their cutting and painting skills to the test when making junk model castles. 

The final week of term had a reading focus and everything we did was centred around the book 'Bears don't read' which the children really enjoyed. We had lots of our lovely parents sending in photos of themselves reading, which helped to promote a love of reading for our children.

Term 4

The children were interested in our Space topic all term and were thrilled with the Space Dome visit. They were totally enthralled to see planets and stars, and to learn the story of Orion, his belt and Sirius the dog star. They made lots of pictures of Space, using different resources and enjoyed making some space music using instruments.

We used the QR code on the ipads to scan the codes Mrs Pringle had made. Aliens appeared on the screen and we had to read the sentences to learn more about them.

At last the Spring weather arrived, and with it, Easter! The children enjoyed reading and writing instructions for making Easter nests with chocolate and shredded wheat. Of course this was not as fun as eating them for our Easter snack in the sunshine the next day!

The children also really loved reading the instructions for our Easter egg hunt. They had to read sentences like 'I am under the Maths table. Can you find me?' and find the next clue. They were rewarded at the end with a sparkly egg which they could trade for a chocolate treat!

Term 5

It's been a short term but a busy one! We were sad to say goodbye to Ellie at the end of the term, but have also enjoyed getting to know David who has joined our class.

The best thing we did this term was to visit Puxton Park! The children loved seeing the pig look after her 6 piglets, and see lots of other farm animals. Saying that, the playground was definitely the best thing about the day!

We've enjoyed this lovely weather outside, too. Our new Podley equipment has been a HUGE hit and the children have been so busy making all kinds of constructions, dens and role play area with it. They've even turned it into a giant water transporter with all the tubes!

Just look at how good our writing has become......!

And also, just look at our fantastic Maths. The children have been learning how to represent number bonds and to partition numbers, representing them in the part-part-whole method.

And finally, it's always lovely to hear such nice feedback from our lovely parents and carers, who are all working so hard behind the scenes to help their children's learning!