Local Governing Body Membership at Fonthill Primary Academy as at 01.07.2018

We currently have 12 seats on our Local Governing Body. 



Name Date of Appointment Date of Resignation Term of Office

 Alex O'Grady




4 years

 Sarah Rogers

 (Vice Chair) 



4 Years


Christopher Matthews 1/7/18 4 Years
 Krystina Warrington  1/7/18 4 Years
 Kathryn  Williams 1/7/18



 Kathryn  Absalom

 Head Teacher

1/7/18    n/a 

Theo Lester

Support Staff

1/7/18 4 Years

 Stephen  David

 Parent Governor



4 Years

 John Suffolk



4 Years

 Steve Wade

 Parent Governor



4 Years

 Helen Godwin



4 Years

 Monifah  Kondwani 

 Teaching Staff



4 Years

Summary of relevant business and pecuniary interest of governors at Fonthill Primary Academy as declared September 2018


Name Position Business Interest Trustee or Governorship Any Other Interest
Alex O'Grady  Chair None
Sarah Rogers Vice Chair None
John Suffolk None
Helen Godwin Director of Redland Search

Trustee of Southmead Development Trust

Trustee of Southmead Project

School Governor at Elmfield School for the Deaf

Cabinet Member and Councillor for Bristol City Council
Krystina Warrington None
Christopher Matthews None None None
Kathryn Absalom Head Teacher None None None
Monifah Kondwani Teacher
Theo Lester Support Staff None
Steve Wade Parent None
Steve David  Parent None


Fonthill  Primary Academy LGB Attendance Register 2018/19

Name Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5

Term 6

Alex O'Grady  Present
Sarah Rogers Apologies
John Suffolk Apologies
Helen Godwin Present
Kathryn Williams Resigned
Krystina Warrington Apologies
Christopher Matthews Present
Kathryn Absalom Present
Monifah Kondwani Present
Theo Lester Present
Steve Wade Present
Steve David Present


You can contact the Governoring Body by writing to the Chair of Governors C/O Fonthill Primary Academy.

Or by email to the clerk at