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Thank you for taking the time to come to our space on the internet. Our class is made up of thirty boys and girls, who are aged nine and ten. We come from all sorts of different backgrounds, nationalities and religions, but all have one aim - To be on F.I.R.E. in our learning!

F is for Focussed: which means staying on task, sticking to the class rules and giving all our attention to everything that we learn.

I is for Independent: which means that we need to ask questions, think for ourselves and take ownership of our own learning.

R is for Resilient: which means taking on challenges, never giving up and learning from our mistakes.

E is for Enthusiastic: which means being positive, ready to learn and having a can do attitude to all the challenges we take on at school.


Term One

The first autumn term is all about starting well and getting to know the new rhythms of a different year group. This included writing a class charter and thinking about our learning goals for the year.



In Term One, we focus on place value. This means understanding the values of digits within a larger number. In Year Five, this includes numbers to one million. To practise this at home, why not play the following game: www.math-play.com/Place-Value-Millionaire/



It is crucial in Year Five that we learn to use a wider range of punctuation, that we use a variety of openers to start sentences and that we use complex sentences. To do this, we will be looking at The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and using DADWAVERS to give us a bank of sentence openers to utilise.



This term, we will be looking at the Science topic of Animals including Humans, which means that we will look at data about life span, gestation and creating graphs to compare the two.

Here are some examples of excellent topic work:

Term Two

In Term Two, we start completing homework. This is to build up our independence and to give children the chance to extend their learning at home. Each week, we complete a piece of Literacy, Maths and Topic work. If we complete them well, then we are rewarded with Class Dojo points!



In Term One, we focus on the four main written methods, column addition and subtraction, compact multiplication and bus stop division. Each requires different skills, but a base understanding of tables facts and number bonds to one hundred helps no end, so lots of practise at home will be really helpful.

You can use your www.sumdog.com  log in at home to practise these skills. 



Again, we will be focussing on our use of complex sentence structure, including using brackets, dashes and relative clauses to add extra detail to sentences. We will being reading the picture book Rose Blanche and looking at some World War Two Poetry, to enhance our learning.



This term, we will look at the topic of World War, focusing on World War Two.  This will mean looking at timelines, key events from the war and trying to put ourselves in the position of being children experiencing war first hand.

Here are some examples of excellent written work:


Term Three

 In Term Three, we start to focus on editing, correcting and improving our work. This ensures that we are independent, but also that we can produce our best work, all of the time.



This term, we will be focussing on fractions, decimals and percentages, looking at things that are smaller than a whole and their relationship to each other. 

If you want to practise at home, then use this game: Fraction Fiddle



In Term Three, we will be reading the book Skellig and exploring the themes about mysterious creatures that are contained within. We will also be looking at non-fiction writing and exploring factual tone and vocabulary. 



This term is a Science term again and we will be exploring space and forces. To make this even more exciting, we will be visiting The Science Museum in London to make this topic come to life. Check back later in the term for examples of work and photos of our trip.

Here are some examples of our E-Safety work:

Term Four

 In Term Four, we are looking at another Science topic. 



This term, we will be focussing on shape, space, angles and problem solving.  In Term Four, we will have a focus on maths reasoning - aiming to improve our ability to be able to communicate our learning in maths.  If you want to practise at home, here is an excellent website: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/shape-position-and-movement



In Term Four, we will be reading the book Floodland, which is about flooding and environmental change. This will give us chance to think about the skill of inference and to engage with our science topic in a different way.



This term is a Science term and we are exploring habitats, food chains and life cycles. The children will be growing plants, dissecting plants and exploring the relationship between animals and plants. 

Here are two examples of work we completed explaining how to plant a tree:

Term Five

Despite this term being very short, we have lots of exciting learning to do. If you want to learn anything at home, then follow the links below...



This term we will be looking at decimals - which will mean understanding place value, being able to order and calculate simple addition and subtraction problems. We will also be exploring the properties of shapes.  

Here are some online games to play to help you with your learning: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/fractions-and-decimals


In Term Five, we will be reading the book The Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman. In the first week, we will be exploring characters and writing descriptions. In week two, we will be writing our own adventure stories based on Lila's adventure. Then in week three, we will be adapting the story to create our own adventures. 



This term is a History and Geography term, so we will be exploring an Ancient Civilisation. This year, we are going to look at the Chang Dynasty. To start your learning, follow this link and explore the pages about Ancient China: https://www.dkfindout.com/us/history/ancient-china/

Term Six

This term is a long and fun term. There are lots of things to look forward to; with Sports Day, Camp and Year Six Takeover day to come in the next seven weeks.



This term we will be revising all the concepts, ideas and subjects that we have looked at through out the rest of the year.  If you want to support your learning at home, then why not play a family game that uses simple maths - a favourite in the Prior Family is Yahtzee, which you can play with just five dice and a printed score sheet.


In Term Six, we are going to be reading the story The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which is a puzzling adventure story about a little boy, who lives alone in a train station and has a passion for fixing things. Also we will be taking part in a speaking competition and doing lots of literacy based on films. 


We will be finishing our history topic from last term, before moving on to look at a science topic. We will be looking at Materials and exploring them through different scientific experiments. 

Below you can see Year 5's homework challenges. We look forward to sharing what you do at home!

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