Sports Premium


What is PE & Sport Premium and what should it be used for?

PE & Sport Premium is a strand of funding that the government pays to schools. It should be used to fund sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport at the school that go beyond the minimum requirements of the school’s curriculum. It should be used for the benefit of all primary aged pupils to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to take part in extra- curricular activities and competitions whilst gaining a secure understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


How much PE & Sport Premium will Fonthill Primary School Receive?

Schools with more than 17 pupils receive £16,000 per year plus £10 per pupil.

Fonthill Primary School’s allocation of PE & Sport Premium for the 2017- 18 academic year is therefore £17,600.


What does Fonthill Primary School Spend its PE & Sport Premium on?

We believe strongly that high-quality staff are central to outstanding PE and sport provision and to developing and embedding a school culture that promotes healthy and active lifestyles. We have therefore invested in a PE and Sports coach to work alongside our PE Leader to lead our whole- school PE and sport provision.


We also recognise the importance of high- quality learning environments, equipment and facilities. We have therefore prioritised PE and sport in our school’s resources budget, and have ambitious and exciting plans for developing our KS2 playground


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