History & Geography




At Fonthill we teach history through the process of historical enquiry, where children use the same methods as a professional historian to investigate an aspect of history. Children are provided with appropriate, trustworthy sources of evidence at the beginning of an enquiry to generate ideas and questions. 



Our Geography curriculum provides children with opportunities to become global citizens who are curious about the world and its people, and their own place within it.

Children will develop the knowledge and understanding of, diverse places and people, resources, natural and human environments, key physical and human processes, the formation and use of landscapes and environments.


Whether learning about history or geography we encourage children to use an enquiry process which involves children in;

  • Finding something in the evidence which they think would be an interesting problem to solve or a situation or issue which needs explaining.
  • Thinking about what questions they would ask to solve the problem?
  • Suggesting hypotheses based on what they have read, seen or found out.
  • Making guesses and speculating on possible explanations
  • Testing their hypotheses by using further evidence to help them to confirm or dispute their original ideas.
  • Making final judgements / arriving at conclusions based on the available evidence
  • Discussing how to communicate and present their answers.


For younger children the enquiry process means they have to think their way through a problem by;

  • Asking and framing question
  • Undertaking research
  • Making judgments
  • Effectively communicating answers.


 We encourage children to carry out additional learning and research at home to support their learning in school and give them an opportunity to find answers to any unanswered question they may have.

The topics we study can be found in the Curriculum Maps